Student Engagement Survey

Hatton Eielson Public School along with the rest North Dakota will be conducting a student engagement survey to students in grades 3-12 in the near future. This survey is conducted approximately every other year. There are actually 3 separate categories of surveys, grade 3-5, 6-8, 9-12.

The Student Engagement Survey was designed to measure elementary, middle, and high school student engagement through students’ responses to items about their learning experiences. The survey consists of items categorized into three components or domains of engagement: behavioral, cognitive and emotional. Behavioral refers to a student’s efforts in the classroom, cognitive examines a student’s investment in learning and emotional measures a student’s emotions or feelings about the classroom and school in general. Each survey consists of 21 questions. The survey window will be complete by Feb 19.

If you have any additional questions pertaining to the survey, the following resource is available for you: