pic day

School Pictures will be Wednesday August 25th. The order forms were included in your back to school packets that were given out at Back to School Night on Monday. Any families with 3 or more  children can pick up a separate form in the office for  discounted  pricing. Please have the students keep the packs with them till their picture is taken. Seniors will also be taking pictures. These will be used throughout the year as necessary, so we ask that you dress appropriately. You are able to preorder photos online at ospgo.com/1BQR. Either key in the address or scan the QR code on the picture envelope and enter the password: Prepay. You may preorder and pay online until Picture Day. It is also recommend  to all students and staff, please do not wear any shade of green or fluorescent yellow shirts. This will affect the Green Screen Technology that they provide with school portraits. Bring your best SMILE!!!