September 30th marks the Fall Parent Teacher Conference date from the hours of 3:45pm-9:00pm.  For parents who have children in grades 7-12, we meet in the main gym. Parents with grade K-6 children, you will receive a letter with a scheduled time slot to meet in appropriate staff members’ respective classrooms. Please take this time to visit with your classroom teachers.

Mid-terms for quarter 1 will be distributed at the conference along with last spring State Assessment data. Please take note and plan your visit accordingly. Please remember that masking is an option for this event.

For families with younger children, please take advantage of the free baby-sitting/day-care option to allow parents to visit teachers with minimal distraction. Baby-sitting/day-care will be in the FACS classroom (Mrs. Duncan/Miss Carlson’s Room).

Conferences is just one way we as the school and parents can aid in the success of our students academics. Parent Teacher Conferences provides for communication and team building to discuss your child/ren’s academic progress and concerns that both the parent and teacher may have. We sincerely hope to see everyone at this important event in your child’s education.