As many of you know, we just had our annual Turkey Bingo last week and we cannot even begin to say how happy and thankful we were with such a fantastic turn out!  We counted about 200 people with just over 100 kids playing and I hope you’ll all agree, it was a very fun night!
We knew we wanted to play bingo this year, but the fire in August threw a very large wrench into our planning - but we were still determined to hold bingo. We can’t begin to say thank you to everyone that helped us, but…… we need to try:  The Hatton Community Center has not asked us for anything, but provided us so much. Thank you! The Hatton Prairie Village allowed the use of their bingo machine, naturally a very important donation. Thank you! The St John Church let us use their projector so everyone could see the numbers called.  Thank you! A very big thank you goes to the Northwood Legion Post for the 455 bingo cards provided us - obviously essential. Most of our cards were ruined in the fire and the remaining cards were a little soot covered, so we definitely needed them. Thank you! Thank you to everyone that stayed and helped us clean up too - very nice of you to help us fold tables/chairs, sweep, and empty trash.
But mostly - we must thank all of you that attended last Tuesday. Thank you!
Safe to say, those of us legion members that were working had as much or more fun than you all did - such a fun night!