The Management Class did a 3-week project with an elementary class meeting twice a week. We taught them how to deal with Empathy. We believe that if we teach younger kids about kindness and caring for one another, then they will grow up with these morals and understand that everyone goes through things. We did activities that correlated with Empathy. Our last day we created a Blooket about what we have done for the past 3-weeks.  The Management Class was impacted by how well the kids got along after every activity we did. The 4th Grade Class was impacted by the station we did that was called “What Bugs Me”. Their teacher put one of their bugs on the board and it made the kids realize some of their actions bugged their classmates. Students are more aware of what they do now to their classmates. Personal Flower is another activity that helped them and made them realize what their strengths were and what they are good at.  We started by giving a brief presentation to the students and explaining what we will be doing for the next 3-weeks. We did different activities with them that had to do something about empathy. The activities were: freeze tag, coloring, word search, what bugs me, and 4 corners.  We ended the 3-weeks with a review game called Blooket.