Hatton Eielson Public School participates in a process called School Improvement.  Most all schools across the state and country participate with School Improvement in some way, shape or form.  School Improvement has been called AdvancEd.  It is currently called Cognia, but ultimately no matter what the name is, it is the School Improvement Process.

This process involves reviewing student achievement data, surveys and other artifacts in order to improve our school.  Over the last 5 years, numerous articles have been included in the Hatton Flyer to share our School Improvement Goals and Strategies in attempt to inform parents and community members.

Part of the process is the visitation.  Hatton Eielson Public School will be having their 5-year visitation beginning on January 31st and wraps up on Feb 2nd.  The visitation includes interviews with board members, staff, students and parents.  At the closing of the visitation, we receive recommendations from the visitation team which drives our professional development for our staff.