Here are the results from the TSA Conference that was held in Mandan March 21-22:

2nd Place in Children’s Story:  Hannah Scholand and Kelli Anderson

1st Place in Flight Endurance:  Carson Beaudin

1st Place in CAD Engineering:  Spencer Boe

2nd Place in Dragster Design:  Kaleb Braun

1st Place in Digital Video Production:  Thea Letcher, Brynley Coleman, and Derek Carpenter

1st Place in Forensic Science:  Brooklyn Galde and Alicia Foss

Structural Design:  2nd Place, Michael Steinbrick and Hunter Frederick     3rd Place, Austin Rygg and Kaleb Braun  

2nd Place in Technical Problem Solving 1:  Preston Beaudin and Aiden Nystrom  

3rd Place in Technical Problem Solving 2:  Michael Steinbrick and Hunter Frederick  

3rd Place in Technical Problem Solving 3:  Kelby Azure and Eric Galde  

1st Place in On Demand Video:  Eric Galde, Ryan Verke and Teddy Peterick  

1st Place in Essays on Technology:  Paige Handly  

Jaida Vivier and Hannah Scholand were elected NDTSA State Officers for the 2022-2023 School year and will begin their term July 1. 

Congratulations to everyone!