Hatton-Northwood speech traveled to Park River on January 28 and brought home a first-place victory. The team earned a total 140 points, edging out Grafton, who had 91.  Three new students qualified for the state tournament. Cheyenne Tandberg placed 1st and state qualified in EPR, Hannah Broeren placed 1st and state qualified in Poetry, and Evelyn Grad placed 1st and state qualified in Impromptu. Noah Scholand and Hannah Scholand took home 1st in Serious Duo.  Individual Events were as follows: EPR: Cheyenne Tandberg 1st, Jenna Groven 6th, Andreya Weber 8th; Inform: Cheyenne Tandberg 4th, Jenna Groven 7th; Persuade: Addison Uglem 2nd, Cheyenne Tandberg 6th; Serious Duo: Hannah Scholand/Noah Scholand 1st, Peyton Bumgardner/Salem Yates 6th; Jaida Vivier/Jersie Vivier 7th; Andreya Weber/Jenna Groven 8th; Dramatic: Evelyn Grad 4th; Serious: Hannah Broeren 2nd, Evelyn Grad 5th, Hannah Scholand 8th; Radio: Tucker Burger 2nd, Addison Uglem 3rd; Impromptu: Evelyn Grad 1st, Jaida Vivier 2nd; Poetry: Hannah Broeren 1st, Evelyn Grad 3rd; Humorous: Ava Olson 2nd; Storytelling: Addilyn Groven 3rd; Humorous Duo: Ava Olson/Addilyn Groven 2nd; Jaida Vivier/Emmalee Jurek 7th