K-12 learn about careers.

Students in grades k-12 learn about careers each year from their school counselors. Students do activities to learn about their personality types, their skills, and their interests to help them choose a career that will be best for them.  Then they research some careers that they are interested in.  They have been using a website called RUReadyND.  In the elementary school, students are taken to a site called Paws in Jobland.  They can choose many careers from a fictional Jobland.  There, people in those jobs tell them what they do.  In grades 6-12, students are given a login and password and can use that to take assessments and research careers.  
   To use this site, go to RUReadyND.gov.  Elementary students can scroll down and click on elementary students.  Students in grades 6-12 can log in using the password given them by their counselor.