Thunder Basketball Weekly review

Our first game of the season was on Monday as we hosted Enderlin. We came out and played three really good quarters of basketball and had a lead of 12 points at one time. I thought we moved the ball really well and got a lot of great looks at the basket. The downfall in this game that led to the overtime loss was giving up offensive rebounds and also too many turnovers for us in high pressure situations. However, the best thing we learned from this game was that we did not play a great game and had a great chance to beat a very good team. We are very excited to keep working and improve some of these weaknesses. The player of the game was Colton      Konschak, as he did a great job of defending one of the best players in the state.

Our second game this week was on the road against Dakota Prairie on Thursday. We again had a solid effort this game on the defensive side as we only allowed 28 total points, 14 in each half. We started to move the ball better and started to really extend this lead in the second half, unlike our previous game. We still have things, like taking better shots and defensive rebounding, that we need to improve. Overall, it was a fun game and we had some great possessions on offense and defense that looked like typical Thunder basketball. Our player of the game was again Colton Konschak, as he stepped up and made some big plays on both sides of the court and with some great team defense, held their best player to two points. Carter Myron also played a great game with some big threes and crucial offensive rebounds.

We are finishing this week, after two non-region games, with our first region game on Saturday in Northwood versus Grafton. We are excited to continue to get to play in this crazy time.

Coach Konschak