Parents of 7th – 12th Grade Students,

The topic on how we can best use our CLT (Common Learning Time) from 3:00-3:30 is a constant discussion amongst staff.  This letter serves as information sharing, plus if you have questions, we would certainly like to hear them.  More and more, the concern of students just not handing in homework seems to becoming an epidemic.  How can we instill responsibility? 

Currently if students have a D+ or worse, that student goes directly to the teacher of that/those subjects determined by priority in CLT.  Students will have the necessary help to move the grade in a positive direction.  We are discovering we need to do more. 

The idea:  Why not issue 3:30-4:00 as an opportunity for students who forget their homework?  Through discussion, this is how it would look.  If a student forgot homework, that student will spend CLT with that instructor to get it taken care of or complete.  If it does not get taken care of at CLT, then the student would have 3:30-4:00 as a study/homework completion session.  This would be an immediate action to take place that day and continue until work is in and satisfactory.

This effort appears like a negative consequence to not having homework ready.  This actually is an opportunity to keep work current and students eligible to participate in extra/co-curricular activities.

We realize this plan may have some holes in it as we are in the discussion phase. I would welcome a conversation if you have any concerns.

We are looking at this taking effect on November 28th.  

Thank you for your support,  

Mr. Soine